How to Apply

Apply now for 2024-2025


Purpose and conditions

  • The scholarship purpose is to financially subsidize studies (e.g. tuition fees, writing of MSc and PhD thesis,…).
  • It can be attributed to all Cameroonian students in general and those in the biological sciences in particular studying in Cameroon. Master 2 and doctoral students are not concerned with this scholarship. However, they may apply when necessary for scholarships to prepare and present their end of course theses.
  • Complete applications are sent by email to the local secretariat (see contact information below) by August 22nd with the following documents:
    • 1 photo (4X4),
    • 1 CV (2 pages max),
    • A cover letter (1 page max),
    • A copy of academic transcripts or attestation of the last academic year certified by the university authorities. Exceptionally, we may consider a written and signed copy of marks obtained while waiting for the official copy,
    • A completed application form (available on the foundation website or upon request by sending an email).
    • For those who benefited from this scholarship last year you will have to justify how the award funds were used.
  • A list of selected beneficiaries with amounts allocated will be made public by the 15th of September of the academic year


Local Secretariat

Jeanne d’Arc NIMPA, Yaoundé
Mobile phone: 699 488 670

Hilaire B. TCHUENMEGNE, Yaoundé
Mobile phone: 677 336 729


Dr. Bernard NKENGFAC, Ottawa, Canada